Boy Santa — The Movie 
Boy Santa is a fun, action-filled adventure telling Santa’s untold life story. An origin story that explains all the myths: the red coat, the elves, the gifts, his immortality...everything.

Nicholas Claus was born to a poor family over a hundred Christmases ago in grey metropolis of tall, smoke-spewing chimneys.

We meet him as a small boy stealing the eyes off a snowman to heat the family home. Young Nick was no saint.

Sent up the bricks as a chimney sweep — and terrified of heights after losing his father in a chimney fall — he runs away in search of Yukon gold. Stowing away on a mail train, then a mail plane that crashes in the forest, he's rescued by Rudolph, a young buck shunned by the herd for his glowing nose.

Pursued by two bounty hunters they head off on an exciting journey across the Shipwreck Sea encountering Sea Unicorns, the Snow People, and a bipolar polar bear, finally reaching the Hidden People who live beneath the ice in True North, a place where no lies can be told. Here he learns that giving means more than taking...

Boy Santa is about friendship, family and giving, filled with memorable, larger-than-life characters who learn to believe in themselves when others do not.

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